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The information on this website will help you decide if I am the most suitable person to arbitrate or mediate your commercial dispute.   If you have any questions, please contact me  or at 416 540-6611.

I accept engagements as:

  • Sole Arbitrator
  • Member 3-person Arbitral Tribunal
  • Mediator

  • Neutral Evaluator
  • Settlement Consultant
  • Trial Preparation Consultant

My passion and commitment is to find a just resolution for every case on which I am consulted as arbitrator or mediator.

In addition to arbitration and mediation, I am available to provide a neutral opinion on the merits of a case. I will also provide guide to counsel for trial preparation, especially in connection with expert witnesses.

My mission is to bring a fair, efficient and timely resolution to every dispute on which I am consulted.


My arbitration and mediation style is to use technology wherever reasonably possible to streamline the road to resolution of the dispute. This is the focus of “Get to the Point Resolutions”. I encourage the following practices, subject to the agreement of counsel and appropriateness to the case:

  • COVID-safe Zoom hearings until the pandemic is over and thereafter if desired.  
  • Documents sent electronically only whenever reasonably possible
  • Interactive chronologies with hyperlinks to documents
  • Streamlining procedural and interlocutory steps
  • Zoom examination of out-of-town witnesses — even after COVID
  • Time-limited proceedings
  • Reduction or elimination of examination for discovery
  • New ways to make resolution more efficient for the parties

I am conversant in several other languages:


  • French (oral and written fluency)
  • Romanian (oral and reading fluency)
  • German (60% oral and reading comprehension)
  • Hebrew (70% oral and reading comprehension)

Maître Igor Ellyn parle couramment le français.  Les services d’arbitrage et de médiation sont disponibles en français ou bilingue.  Veuillez consulter Me Igor Ellyn par courriel à ou par téléphone à 416-540-6611 pour des renseignements additionels.  

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155 University Avenue, Suite 1230    Toronto ON, M5H 2M7
Phone: 416-365-3750
Cell: 416-540-6611

Igor Ellyn will respond to your inquiry as promptly as possible.